A BP PLC project deep in Oman’s desert shows how big oil companies are taking hydraulic-fracturing techniques perfected in Texas to the global stage, where they had long struggled. BP’s $12 billion Khazzan project launched last year on a complex roughly the size of London, surrounded by sand dunes and little else. One of the biggest fracking projects ever completed outside the U.S., Khazzan produces natural gas from rock so dense and deep beneath the desert that it was long thought too difficult and expensive to exploit. It’s a breakthrough for a technology that revolutionized the oil-and-gas industry in the U.S. but had failed to gain ground elsewhere, with early setbacks in China, Europe and Russia. Now, big oil companies are drawing on expertise gained from their U.S. operations and making investments around the world again. However, those efforts will depend in part on the Organization of the Petroleum […]