Is the economy in for a jolting “oil shock”? Today we wander out to the tail end of the bell curve… look around for black swans… and raise scandalous questions. “Judging by internet searches for the term,” says Bloomberg commodities analyst David Fickling, “an oil shock is the last thing anyone should be worried about.” It is true — “oil shock” is an orphan term, unloved, unwanted — and unsearched: We would be “shocked” if the search term “oil shock” drew any attention at all these past few years. After nicking $115 in June 2014, oil slid all the way down the greasy pole to $26 in February 2016. It has been rebuilding steam for the past two years — but quietly. Oil has since taken a long, meandering route to last month’s $72… before retracing a few steps. Today a barrel of West Texas Intermediate Crude fetches $66. […]