30% of the natural gas fueling UK homes and businesses could be replaced by hydrogen without requiring any changes to the nation’s boilers and ovens, a study by Swansea University researchers has shown . Over time the move could cut UK carbon dioxide emissions by up to 18%. The open-access study is published in the RSC journal Sustainable Energy & Fuels. The difference between the two percentages—30% hydrogen enrichment and a potential 18% drop in carbon emissions—arises from the fact that hydrogen-enrichment lowers the calorific content of the fuel, necessitating a higher volume of gas for a given energy output. Domestic gas usage accounts for 9% of UK emissions. In an effort to reduce annual carbon emissions, there is presently a concerted effort from researchers worldwide to offset the usage of natural gas. Enriching natural gas with hydrogen (HENG) is one option. Experiments have shown that modern-day gas appliances […]