Jet fuel prices are at six-year highs, and part of the reason is linked to record U.S. shale crude production and the unique properties refiners contend with when they refine that oil. The United States produced about 4.7 million barrels per day of crude from shale formations in 2017. U.S. refiners have been using more of that abundant oil to manufacture diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. Shale crude is younger than some other types of crude, so it differs somewhat from oil from other formations. The oil is a bit “waxier,” like wax applied to skis, said John Jechura, a professor of practice in chemical engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Refiners have found that when making diesel, their second-most common product after gasoline, they need to take measures to offset that waxiness to make the fuel useable for truck and car engines. One option […]