Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Europe so far has offered few comments beyond general commitments of support for the U.N.-backed nuclear agreement. File Photo by the Iranian Presidency Office July 6 (UPI) — The Iranian president said a European package of support for the U.N-backed nuclear agreement was disappointing and offered nothing beyond general commitments. President Hassan Rouhani spent much of the week visiting European leaders to drum up support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action , a 2015 agreement reached between the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, Germany and Iran. That agreement gave Iran relief from sweeping sanctions in exchange for peaceful nuclear commitments, though U.S. President Donald Trump this year said the deal was flawed and erased the U.S. signature. That means some U.S. sanctions are reinforced next month. Sanctions reaching into the Iranian energy sector snap back in early November, though some […]