July kicked off with searingly hot temperatures for most Americans this year. New daily, monthly and all-time record highs were set across the country last week, with more than 100 million people sweating it out under heat warnings or advisories. But the low nighttime temperatures that usually provide a crucial respite from scorching summer days have been more quietly making history. More of the U.S. is Seeing Extremely Warm Temperatures at Night Percentage of the United States in which local areas are experiencing extreme minimum (nighttime) and maximum (daytime) summer temperatures On July 2, Burlington, Vt., set a record for its hottest overnight temperature as the thermometer refused to budge below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Four days later, central Los Angeles hit 95 degrees before 11 a.m. , already breaking the previous daily record of 94 degrees, before rising to well over 100 in the afternoon. Nationwide, summer nights have […]