General Ideas Fuel prices are rising. More oil shocks have been predicted, and we remain unready to face a new age that is approaching rapidly. Some may not have heard of “peak oil”. If so, I suggest Googling it up. Alerts: This year Exxon Mobil has warned us to prepare for demand-driven oil shocks. Last year, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid A. Al-Falih warned us to expect an oil supply shortage by 2020. When it hits, our region will be hard hit. We still lack a functioning rail link or coastal shipping facilities to offset any road transport problems. Admittedly, the world is moving on to electric cars and bicycles, but heavy transport remains almost totally reliant on fossil fuels. Oil unavailability or un-affordability will drive us to alternative energy, but before long it will be alternative everything. Petroleum is part of nearly everything, even jobs. Peak oil and […]