All data below is from the OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report . All data is in thousand barrels per day and is through June 2018. The Republic of the Congo was added to OPEC this month. The data below does not reflect that addition. I will try to add them next month. OPEC 14 production was up 161,000 barrels per day in June. That does not include the Congo which was up 12 kbpd. Notice: This is The Republic of the Congo , a much smaller nation than the DRC , or The Democratic Republic of the Congo. May OPEC production was revised down 39,000 bpd. Saudi Arabia was revised up 28,000 bpd, Qatar was revised up 17,000 bpd while Nigeria’s May production was revised down 79,000 bpd. Angola took a huge hit in June, down 88,000 bpd. Sanctions on Iran did not have much effect in June. Iran […]