All data below is from various sources. All US data is from the EIA. Unless otherwise noted is in thousand barrels per day. USA data is through April. C+C production was almost flat in April, down 2,000 bpd. Texas through April. Texas production was up 30,000 bpd in April. North Dakota through April. North Dakota production was up 61,000 bpd in April. Alaska through April. Alaska production was down 15,000 bpd in April. The Gulf of Mexico through April. The GOM was down 98,000 bpd in April. USA net imports averaged over 12,500 bpd in 2005 and 2006. They are now down to around 3,400 bpd. China data through March from the EIA. Canada through March, EIA. Mexico through March, EIA. Norway and the U.K. through March. I have included historical data here in order to show the total decline from their peaks around the turn of the century. […]