Excluding hydroelectric power, renewable energy generates 2% of U.S. electricity. Maybe it will grow to 4% in the next 10 years. So don’t blame regulators, President Trump or renewables for coal’s struggles. Regulators haven’t killed coal, innovation has. If coal needs someone to blame, try the inventors of fracking, horizontal drilling and combined-cycle power plants. John Haas San Diego Mr. Tice argues that Congress should take action to prevent excessive regulation of carbon dioxide, and suggests that it can do so through its “constitutional authority to regulate commerce.” He omits a key word in that reference: interstate. The majority of energy is not interstate commerce; the EIA’s Electric Power Annual tables show that less than 20% of electricity is imported or exported across state lines. Don’t worry, Mr. Tice, our 100% renewable mandate here in California may drive our prices sky high, but it won’t affect you in New […]