The past four years have been a 21st century low point for Western foreign investment in Russia, with sanctions, unlawful trade practices and ceaseless wars in the Greater Middle East antagonizing the sides even further. Against such a difficult background when virtually no Western major brave enough to enter the Russian market (and most American firms rolling back projects) it is doubly notable what Schlumberger is doing. In fact, Schlumberger seems to be, one might say finally, on the brink of concluding a milestone Russia deal, which would greatly fortify its standing as the world’s leading oil services company. By buying into Russia’s largest onshore drilling firm Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC), it could secure access to a massive market irrespective of political tensions. Well, almost irrespective. The news that Schlumberger is allegedly keen on acquiring EDC first emerged in early 2015. Even then, several months after the introduction of […]