The European Council agreed on setting a target of a 35% average reduction in CO 2 emissions form new cars by 2030. This position is a basis on which to begin talks with the European Parliament, which just came out with its own target of 40% by 2030 ( earlier post ). The first negotiation meeting between the European Council and the European Parliament is taking place today. Average CO 2 emissions of new passenger cars registered in the EU will have to be 15% lower in 2025 and 35% lower in 2030, compared to the emission limits valid in 2021. For vans, the Council maintains the targets as proposed by the European Commission: 15% in 2025 and 30% in 2030. These are EU-wide fleet targets. The CO 2 reduction effort will be distributed among manufacturers on the basis of the average mass of their vehicle fleet. The Council […]