Working natural gas stocks in the Lower 48 states totaled 2,866 billion cubic feet (Bcf) as of September 28, 2018, which is the lowest working natural gas stocks have been at this time of year since 2005. If October net injections to working natural gas stocks match the five-year average, inventories will total 3,208 Bcf on October 31, which is lower than EIA’s September Short-Term Energy Outlook projection of 3,270 Bcf. October can be a pivotal month for adjusting seasonal natural gas storage levels. If summer injections into natural gas storage fields are lower than typical levels, natural gas injections in October represent a late season opportunity to increase stocks before winter begins. Alternatively, if natural gas stocks are already higher than multi-year averages, it can be operationally difficult to inject more natural gas into storage fields because of rising pressure levels; higher field pressures can limit injections. The […]