Hardliners in the Trump administration have been ramping up their rhetoric over Russia recently. President Trump’s hawkish chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said in a television interview with The Hill , which aired on Monday, that the U.S. should focus more on the energy sector as a way to challenge Russia. “We are the dominant energy power. We will be producing 15 million barrels of oil per day in a couple years. We’re passing [the] Saudis. We’re passing Russia,” Kudlow said. “So what does that mean? [It] means we have to have infrastructure for pipelines, east, west, west, east. Get this stuff to the northeast, get this stuff to Europe and challenge Russia’s hegemony on nat gas and LNG,” he added. “This is doable. We have to really focus on the energy sector. Most of this stuff can be done privately.” Kudlow’s comments, however, may be a bit short […]