“This is the best job market in a generation or more,” said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at recruiting site Glassdoor. Unemployment rates below 4% are extremely rare in 70 years of modern record-keeping. The two longest sustained periods came during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, when the combination of strong growth and the enlistment of young men from the civilian labor force helped to largely wring unemployment out of the economy. More on the Economy In 1953, the year the Korean War ended, the jobless rate got as low as 2.5%. In the 1960s, it stayed below 4% for nearly four years, until a bout of rising inflation and interest rates led to recession and rising joblessness. Another run below 4% in 2000 lasted just a few months, burst by a bubble in technology stocks. Federal Reserve officials believe the current period can be sustained. They project the jobless […]