The US now pumps a record 11 million barrels a day in oil, surpassing both Saudi Arabia and Russia, and becoming the world’s largest oil producer . Behind this historic achievement is America’s most productive region, the Permian Basin in west Texas and New Mexico, where approximately one-third of the nation’s daily supply is extracted from the ground via hydraulic fracking. However, the shale revolution has overwhelmed the region’s infrastructure with massive supply – driving up costs, depressing regional oil prices and slowing the pace of growth, according to Reuters . The Trump administration has been cheering the country’s oil output rising to record levels, but some severe logistical constraints have developed – leaving many producers unable to turn a profit and encouraged some to drill elsewhere. Consider the Permian Basin, the country’s largest oil field, which has increased production from 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) to 3.43 […]