The world’s biggest oil traders are gearing up to cash in on big disruptions that could hit the shipping fuel market in just over a year due to new U.N.-mandated environmental rules. International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations will cut the limit for sulfur in marine fuels globally from 3.5 percent to 0.5 percent from the start of 2020. “We’re going to hopefully facilitate the new rules in 2020 by helping out the industry and the participants in general to have a reasonably smooth transition,” Marco Dunand, the chief executive of trading house Mercuria, told the Reuters Global Commodities Summit. He said Mercuria was in talks to finance shipowners who want to install expensive sulfur cleaning kits called scrubbers, allowing them to burn cheaper high sulfur fuel. He declined to name those clients. The company is offering a package that would include providing compliant fuels via its […]