“Unfair sanctions are against the law, U.N. resolutions and international accords. Therefore, we will proudly break the sanctions,” Mr. Rouhani said. “It’s not going to work out only through words,” he added. “Action means putting pressure on the U.S. so it doesn’t dare to continue with its plots.” As it escalated its sanctions, the U.S. also took a series of steps to ease their impact on countries around the world that have reopened their doors to trade with Iran since the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement took effect. President Trump withdrew from that agreement in May, saying it was inadequate and instituted new sanctions to force Iran into a new and more far-reaching deal, which Iran has spurned. The administration temporarily exempted eight governments from U.S. sanctions against purchases of Iranian oil. China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey received waivers that would allow them to continue […]