Repairing pipeline taps takes time, leading to supply shortages. Illegal taps on petroleum pipelines coupled with supply chain disruptions caused by Hurricane Willa have resulted in fuel shortages in Guanajuato. Officials from the state oil company Pemex told the newspaper Milenio that due to a high number of illegal perforations, pipelines between Tula, Hidalgo, and Salamanca, Guanajuato, have been shut off. “. . . There are supply delays because we have to close the ducts in order to repair them and that to a large extent delays supply to the state,” they said. Pemex operates refineries in both Salamanca and Tula. Authorities detected 1,852 illegal taps on pipelines in Guanajuato last year, more than any other state in the country. The crime, perpetrated by gangs of thieves known as huachicoleros , is considered the main reason behind rising levels of violent crime in Guanajuato, especially in the state’s industrial […]