At a time when demand for oil and gas is close to reaching a historical peak of 100 million barrels a day, meeting this demand is now under threat due to skills shortages at the cutting edge of oil production. According to new market analysis from global energy recruiter Samuel Knight International, this has revealed a significant uptick for skills-short roles and the top four most in demand and ‘at risk’ roles due to the skills crisis are: 1. Reservoir Engineering 2. Geologist 3. Geomodelling 4. Geophysicist Commenting on the research, Haider Khadim, oil and gas specialist at Samuel Knight says: “Since the collapse of oil prices four years ago, the industry has gone through its usual cycle but with the price back up, demand for onsite talent is at a cutting edge. Amid this, employers are seeing skills become short which is exactly why these four production focused […]