For years, American entrepreneurs saw a place in which they would start tech businesses, build restaurant chains and manage factories, making potentially vast sums in an exciting, newly dynamic economy. Many mastered Mandarin, hired and trained thousands in China, bought houses, met their spouses and raised bilingual children. Economic Chill Foreign direct investment growth in China has cooled, and company formations are off their peak. *Excludes companies in the financial sector; provided data are slightly different from the ones the ministry published to the public Sources: U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (FDI); China Ministry of Commerce (companies) Now disillusion has set in , fed by soaring costs, creeping taxation, tightening political control and capricious regulation that makes it ever tougher to maneuver the market and fend off new domestic competitors. All these signal to expat business owners their best days were in the past. The Trump administration is […]