President Trump boasted of low gasoline prices on Wednesday, taking credit for the recent market meltdown. “People see the job we’re doing. People see that gasoline is way down. And the reason it’s way down is because I called up some of the OPEC people, I say ‘don’t do it.’” Trump said . “And I made calls and I say, ‘you better let that oil, that gasoline flow.’ And they did.” He repeated that line for emphasis. “I called up certain people and I said ‘let that damn oil and gasoline…you let it flow, the oil.’” Jason Bordoff, Founding Director at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, gave Trump credit for lowering gasoline prices, but for different reasons than the one Trump cited. He’s correct. Not luck. He is partly responsible. By creating concerns about future of global economy and US political dysfunction, and taking a […]