Hubject is collaborating with Greenlots to deploy its ISO 15118 Plug&Charge technology ( earlier post ) in North America. Customers with new, Plug&Charge-enabled vehicles will no longer need to worry about using an app or card to pay for their charge. This achievement is the result of a partnership between Hubject and Greenlots, a US-based provider of EV charging and energy management software and solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies. With Hubject’s Plug&Charge ecosystem and public key infrastructure, Greenlots’ SKY network will be capable of securely authenticating and authorizing EV charging simply by plugging into the vehicle. This technology has the potential to render RFID card and app-based payment systems obsolete within the next few years, making EV charging simpler and more accessible than pumping gas. Customer privacy and safety are key components of this system, which is why it has been endorsed by nearly all […]