Iraq invites bids to build first phase of oil export pipeline to Jordan

12 Dec 2016   Iraq, Jordan, Pipelines

Iraq has invited energy companies and investors to bid to build and finance the first phase of a pipeline that will eventually connect the southern city of Basra with Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba. The State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP), an oil ministry arm overseeing the project, said the first phase includes the engineering, procurement, construction and financing of oil and gas pipelines linking the Basra fields to a connecting energy station near the city of Najaf. The initial section of the Basra-Aqaba pipeline was planned to pass through the Haditha pumping station in Anbar province, but the presence of Islamic State militants in the desert area forced the oil ministry to change plans. The pipeline will still pass through Anbar, but it will not go as far north as Haditha. By limiting the first stage to Najaf, the ministry is also delaying construction in Anbar itself. […]

Jordan to set up buffer zone in southern Syria

30 Jun 2015   Jordan, Syria

Jordan is preparing to set up a security zone in southern Syria to prevent a jihadi victory in the area, carving out the first humanitarian “buffer zone” for rebels and refugees in four years of civil war.  The main aim of the operation will be to create a safe area on Jordan’s border, stretching across the southern Syrian provinces of Deraa and Suwayda, and including the city of Deraa, where the Syrian uprising began in 2011, according to people familiar with the plans.

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Jordan cleared for Israeli gas deliveries

8 Apr 2015   Israel, Jordan

A 2014 agreement to ship natural gas from the Tamar field off the coast of Israel to Jordan was backed by the Israeli government, an operator said Tuesday. Jordanian companies Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine secured a total gross quantity of 66 billion cubic feet of natural gas from the Tamar field, located off the Israeli coast, last year. “It should be noted that this agreement includes a number of other prerequisites, which are mainly other regulatory approvals by relevant bodies in Israel and Jordan,” the company added. Jordan in the past has struggled to find a reliable source of natural gas in part because of downstream problems in Egypt. The partners managing Tamar estimate the field holds as much as 10 trillion […]

Bahrain joins Emirates in sending fighter planes to Jordan

16 Feb 2015   Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Jordan

The Gulf island nation of Bahrain says it has deployed fighter planes to Jordan, a day after it announced plans to send troops to the kingdom. Bahrain’s brief statement early Monday said the planes would “participate in the international efforts aiming to eliminate terrorism.” It did not provide details, and military officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet and like Jordan is part of the U.S.-led coalition carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State militant group. Gulf neighbor the United Arab Emirates previously deployed a squadron of F-16 fighters to Jordan. Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa visited Jordan last week, and his government on Sunday announced it was sending an unspecified number of troops to help support Jordan.

U.S. government welcomes Israeli gas deal

6 Sep 2014   Israel, Jordan

Israel’s Delek Group, alongside U.S. energy company Noble Energy, signed the letter with the National Electric Power Co. of Jordan for natural gas deliveries from the Leviathan natural gas field off the Israeli cost. The U.S. State Department said it facilitated talks between the parties in February that led to the signing of a similar deal for gas from Israel’s offshore gas field, Tamar. Acting Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs Amos Hochstein was on hand for a signing ceremony for Leviathan, hosted by U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells. “This letter of intent [on Leviathan] marks the beginning of the second phase of the project, and represents an important step towards promoting peace and prosperity in the Middle East by encouraging collaboration to overcome energy challenges,” the State Department said in a Thursday statement. Leviathan, with an estimated 18 trillion cubic feet of gas, should go onstream in […]

Jordan secures gas exports from Israel

5 Sep 2014   Israel, Jordan

Israel’s Delek Group signed the letter with the National Electric Power Co. of Jordan. “The estimate scope of the binding agreement [outlined in the letter] is for the supply of an overall amount of 45 billion cubic meters [1.6 trillion cubic feet] over a period of 15 years,” the Israeli company said. Jordan in the past has struggled to find a reliable source of natural gas in part because of downstream problems in Egypt. In February, Jordanian companies Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine secured a total gross quantity of 66 billion cubic feet of natural gas from the Tamar field, also located off the Israeli coast Leviathan, with an estimated 18 trillion cubic feet of gas, should go onstream in 2016. Much of the reserves from the offshore field are already designated for exports to regional customers. Tamar is estimated to hold as much as 10 trillion cubic feet […]

Israel Plans to Sell Natural Gas to Jordan

4 Sep 2014   Israel, Jordan

A group of Israeli companies has signed a preliminary deal to export natural gas from the country’s offshore Leviathan field to Jordan. Reuters JERUSALEM—A group of Israeli energy companies said Wednesday they have signed a letter of intent to sell natural gas to a Jordanian power company, in a potentially multibillion-dollar deal that could strengthen ties between the two Middle East neighbors. The Israeli companies said they would supply 45 billion cubic meters of gas over 15 years from the offshore Leviathan field to Jordan’s state-owned National Electric Power Co. The companies—which include U.S.-based Noble Energy Inc. ‘s Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd. unit, along with Israel’s Delek Drilling LP, Avner Oil Exploration LP and Ratio Oil Exploration LP—didn’t disclose the value of the deal. Delek Drilling and Avner declined to comment on the deal. Israeli media have reported that the deal is valued at roughly $15 billion. The Israeli […]

Iraq crisis worsens Jordan’s economic woes

27 Aug 2014   Jordan

– As violence escalates in Iraq, neighbouring Jordan is facing a dire economic situation. Trade between the two countries, once a pillar of the Jordanian economy, has dropped dramatically. “The situation is disastrous, as our exports have almost stopped,” said Nabeel Rumman, president of the Association of Investors in the Free Zone. Jordanian and foreign investors are not taxed in Jordan’s free zones to encourage trade. Through the free zones, companies were exporting $120m worth of cars and other goods each month to Iraq, according to Rumman, who estimated that the group’s monthly losses total approximately $78m. “Only a few investors have shipped basic things like food and medicine [to Iraq] during the past couple of months,” Rumman told Al Jazeera. Iraq previously imported 20 percent of Jordan’s total exports , and in 2013, exports from Jordan to Iraq totalled approximately $1.25bn, according to the Jordan Chamber of Industry […]

Egypt, Iran, Jordan Call Off Gas Pipeline Talks

7 Aug 2014   Iraq, Jordan

Egypt , Iraq and Jordan have called off talks regarding construction of a gas pipeline as a result of violence, instability and insecurity, reports Daily News Egypt . The goal of the proposed pipeline was to carry Iraqi fuel to Jordan and Egypt or to transform gas to its liquid form in one of the factories operating in Egypt, which would then be exported. According to the Egyptian newspaper, a study focusing on the construction of a pipeline was supposed to be completed at the end of this year. In March this year, the three countries signed two agreements regarding the pipeline. The first agreement dealt with transferring natural gas through the Arab Gas Pipeline. The second agreement required connecting of LNG project to the gas tube with a link up with the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the National Electricity Company on the one hand and […]

Jordan expects huge savings from shale oil

28 Feb 2014   Jordan

Jordanian officials say shale oil exploration in the country could save it an estimated $300 million per year in heavy oil and diesel imports. Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour met Thursday in Amman with Estonian Finance Minister Jurgen Ligi to discuss investments in Jordan’s shale oil deposits, the official Jordan News Agency reported. Both sides are planning work on a plant that will use shale oil to produce electricity and reduce imports, the report said. In 2008, Jordan and Estonia agreed to funnel shale oil to the Attarat power station, which is expected to begin service in 2017. The plant should have an operating capacity of 540 megawatts, officials say. The Jordanian government says it estimates it holds about 34 billion barrels in shale oil that it expects to tap into with the help of Estonian investments. Estonian officials have described Jordan’s shale potential […]

Israel has $500M gas deal with Jordan, but wider exports still unclear

21 Feb 2014   Israel, Jordan

 Israel has signed its first gas export deal, selling gas worth $500 million to Arab peace partner Jordan, but debate is still unresolved on whether the Jewish state will export the bulk of its gas via undersea pipeline or by tanker as liquefied natural gas. The gas that will go to Jordan, Israel’s eastern neighbor, from the Tamar field in the eastern Mediterranean under the 15-year contract signed Wednesday will be pumped via pipeline to two of the Hashemite kingdom’s chemical companies, Arab Potash and its subsidiary Jordan Bromine, at their facilities on the Dead Sea. Stakeholders in the Tamar field, headed by Noble Energy of Houston, Tex., and its Israeli partners Delek Group and Avner Oil & Gas, signed a 20-year gas supply deal with the Palestinian Authority in January for a planned power station in the West Bank. Technically, the […]

Jordan, Iraq mull prospects of pipeline from Basra to Aqaba

11 Jan 2014   Iraq, Jordan

Jordan wants Iraq to move quickly on implementation of an oil pipeline from the Iraqi port city of Basra, the Jordanian prime minister said. Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour met in Amman with Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul Karim al-Luaibi to discuss ties in the energy sector and said his government was interested in the quick development of a pipeline from Basra that could deliver as much as 150,000 barrels of oil per day to the Jordanian shore, the official Jordan News Agency reported Thursday. The pipeline would stretch from Basra to the Jordanian port city of Aqaba. Ensour said the private sector should play a role in a project that could eventually extend to Egypt and other Mediterranean countries. The Iraqi minister said there is the possibility of building an oil refinery and power plant in Aqaba in addition to a pipeline. In a […]

Energy Firms Near Deal to Sell Israeli Gas into Jordan

17 Dec 2013   Israel, Jordan

A drilling consortium developing Israeli offshore natural-gas fields is closing in on a politically sensitive deal to supply gas to Jordan, according to people familiar with the situation—moving the Jewish state a step closer to exporting energy for the first time in its history. p […]

Largest camp for Syrian refugees becoming a city

The manager of the region’s largest camp for Syrian refugees arranges toy figures, trucks and houses on a map in his office trailer to illustrate his ambitious vision. In a year, he wants to turn the chaotic shantytown of 100,000 into a temporary city with local councils, paved streets, parks, an electricity grid and sewage pipes. Zaatari, a desert camp near Jordan’s border with Syria, is far from that ideal. Life is tough here. The strong often take from the weak, women fear going to communal bathrooms after dark, sewage runs between pre-fab trailers and boys hustle for pennies carting goods in wheelbarrows instead of going to school. But with Syria’s civil war in its third year, the more than 2 million Syrians who fled their country need long-term solutions, said Kilian Kleinschmidt, who runs Zaatari for the U.N. refugee agency. “We […]

Jordan’s rural poor chafe under the burden of hosting Syrian refugees | Al Jazeera America

21 Oct 2013   Jordan, Syria

Syria’s War Locals say that municipal water had previously been pumped through the village twice a week, but since the influx of Syrians, it’s just once a week — and they blame the Syrians for the rationing. There’s not enough water as it is in this country, one of the world’s driest, and now there are more people sharing what little is available. There are other pressures, too. Many of the schools in Zaatari village and its surroundings run double shifts to accommodate the increased number of students. Local health centers have seen a 30 to 40 percent increase in their case load, according to Madallah al-Khalde, the head of Zaatari’s development council who also heads the charitable Zaatari Association that has aided needy locals for almost three decades. “This area was poor already,” Khalde says, “now it’s a disaster area because of the large numbers of Syrian refugees.” […]