Libya should use force to reopen oil ports closed since July by a tribal autonomy movement, the country’s oil minister said Saturday, confirming that closed Marsa al-Hariga terminal near Tobruk will resume shipments soon. “This is my opinion as an oil minister…force should be used,” Abdelbari al-Arusi said on the sidelines of an energy meeting in Doha, but he didn’t say when such action might be taken. Libya, which is currently producing around 250,000 barrels a day, could struggle to regain its market share once it restores output to 1.6 million barrels a day, he said. Earlier this month, government officials and lawmakers said an agreement had been reached between tribal leaders to reopen the port in exchange for greater regional oversight of oil exports. But on Sunday Ibrahim al-Jathran, the leader of a large militia that is blocking several ports, said his group wouldn’t reopen […]