North Dakota has released December production data for the Bakken and for all North Dakota . They were a little shocking. (Click to enlarge) Bakken production down 86,150 barrels per day 895,330 bpd. North Dakota production down 92,029 bpd to 942,455 bpd. It was noted that this the largest decline ever in North Dakota production. But it should not be overlooked that the October increase in production was also the largest ever increase in North Dakota production. From the Director’s Cut Oil Production November 31,034,520 barrels = 1,034,484 barrels/day December 29,216,093 barrels = 942,455 barrels/day (preliminary) (all-time high was Dec 2014 at 1,227,483 barrels/day Gas Production November 52,785,707 MCF = 1,759,524 MCF/day December 47,679,872 MCF = 1,538,060 MCF/day (preliminary) (all-time high was Nov 2016 at 1,759,524 MCF/day) Producing Wells November 13,520 December 13,337 (preliminary) (all-time high was Nov 2016 at 13,520) 11,449 wells or 86% are now unconventional Bakken […]