A fractured political landscape is creating economic headwinds for oil-rich Libya, Human Rights Watch said. File photo by cherezoff/Shutterstock March 21 (UPI) — Oil-rich Libya is risking economic opportunities with its fractured political landscape, Human Rights Watch said in calling for improvements. Libya fractured along multilateral lines in the wake of civil war in 2011 that culminated with the death of long-time ruler Moammar Gadhafi . After general elections in 2014, the country was split with two governments vying for control. “Armed groups have, since then, kidnapped, arbitrarily detained, tortured, forcibly disappeared, and killed thousands of people, with impunity,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement Wednesday. “The protracted conflicts have decimated the economy and public services, and internally displaced 165,000 people.” Last week, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya expressed concern about ongoing violence in the southern city of Sabha, saying the conflict was putting the nation’s infrastructure […]