April saw the US produce a record 10,543,000 barrels per day (MBD) of oil, according to data from the American Petroleum Institute. The first four months of this year also saw US petroleum demand average 750,000 barrels a day above the same period in 2017 despite higher prices. Total petroleum products delivered to the domestic market in April 2018 were 20,308,000 b/d—a seasonal decrease of 1.5% from March but 3.8% above April 2017. This was the strongest April monthly demand since 2007. Consumer gasoline demand, as measured by total motor gasoline deliveries, of 9.3 million barrels per day in April was up by 1.3% from March and 1.1% versus April 2017. The first four months of the year achieved the second highest year-to-date demand (9.1 MBD) on record. Reformulated-type gasoline, which is consumed primarily in urban areas, was flat with growth of 0.1% y/y in April to 3.1 MBD. […]