With the oil price heading for the US$80 on the first day of the Africa E&P Summit, which opened today in London, ambitious operators are seeing multiple opportunities and seeking out the “elephants” – the remaining big hydrocarbons discoveries across the continent Access to energy will be boosted by oil and gas investment in Africa Speakers at the opening session were upbeat about the opportunities that exist in Africa, particularly in regard to gas-to-power to meet the continent’s energy demands with a growing population and increased urbanisation. Access to energy is still a major issue particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Craig Goulder, VP for exploration, Woodside Energy, highlighted the links between poverty, average life expectancy (60 years for people living in sub-Saharan Africa) and access to reliable electricity (less than 40 per cent of people in sub-Saharan Africa have access to power). Woodside has a deepwater focus in Senegal, Morocco […]