Critics at home and abroad on Monday denounced the vote that re-elected Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro as a farce cementing autocracy and the U.S. government imposed new sanctions on the crisis-stricken oil-producing country. The 55-year-old successor to late leftist leader Hugo Chavez hailed his win in Sunday’s election as a victory against “imperialism.” But his main challengers alleged irregularities and refused to recognize the result. The vote was widely condemned overseas. U.S. President Donald Trump issued an executive order restricting Venezuela’s ability to liquidate state assets and debt in the United States, an action that appeared to target in part Venezuelan-owned but U.S.-based oil refiner Citgo [PDVSAC.UL]. Venezuela’s mainstream opposition boycotted the vote, given that two of its most popular leaders were barred, authorities had banned the coalition and several of its parties, and the election board is run by Maduro loyalists. Maduro won 68 […]