Nicolás Maduro celebrates his victory Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is facing an international backlash after winning his second six-year term, in a landslide vote marred by an opposition boycott and claims of vote-rigging. Fourteen countries including Argentina, Brazil and Canada have recalled their ambassadors from Caracas in protest. The US has imposed new economic sanctions after Sunday’s election. Venezuela is suffering from food shortages stemming from its economic crisis and voter turnout was low. However Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Mr Maduro on his re-election on Monday, wishing him “success in resolving the social and economic issues facing the country” in a statement. Diplomatic relations will be scaled back by 14 countries in the Americas, foreign ministers confirmed on Monday What was the result? With more than 90% of the votes counted, Mr Maduro had 5.8 million votes, or 67.7% of the total, the electoral council announced. The main […]