French consultancy Cedigaz sees global gas demand growing by 1.4%/year between 2016 and 2040, a major reduction cumulatively from last year’s 1.8% compound annual growth rate. It does however see the fuel playing a growing role in the energy mix at the expense of the other fossil fuels, it said July 3. “The gradual shift from coal and oil to natural gas and renewables helps reduce the carbon intensity of the energy system as electrification and decarbonisation accelerate over the projection period. The expansion of natural gas markets is supported by both abundant and competitive conventional and unconventional resources, as well as a very rapid growth of spot and flexible LNG trade,” its 2018 medium and long-term outlook says. Natural gas demand grows by 1.4%/year over 2016-2040, which is lower than the previous Outlook. A stronger push for renewables and energy efficiency drives gas demand growth down to 1.2%/year […]