“Darwin said only the fittest survive, and that’s where we are in Venezuela,” said Jorge Useche, 43 years old, explaining why he’d taken a 10-hour bus ride to the border to cross illegally into Colombia. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, a firefighter or doctor. If you don’t adapt, you’re not going to survive.” Lacking a passport, Jorge Useche makes his way through the brush on a pathway between his native Venezuela and Colombia. Below, he takes a break with other migrants making the same journey. Stopping them is all but futile, Colombian police commanders readily admit. There are hundreds of illegal footpaths along the 1,400-mile border, which authorities estimate are used by thousands of Venezuelans daily. Already, nearly 1 million Venezuelans are living in Colombia. Moving Out Approximate number of Venezuelan migrants *2017 data Source: International Organization for Migration “How do you control this?” asked a frustrated […]