JupiterMLP is building a 670-mile oil pipeline linking the Permian to Texas’ three deepwater ports. JupiterMLP, LLC anticipates a November open season for capacity on the 1 million barrel per day (MMbpd) crude oil pipeline it plans to build from the Permian Basin to Brownsville, Texas, the privately held midstream company announced Wednesday afternoon. Jupiter made the announcement after securing a funding commitment from Charon Systems Advisors that it reported is sufficient to build the approximately 670-mile pipeline, which it expects to become operational in Third Quarter 2020. “With the backing by Charon and the firm commitments that Jupiter has already secured on the Jupiter Pipeline, we will be holding an open season for the remaining capacity in November,” Albert Johnson, president of Jupiter Pipeline LLC, said in a written statement. “We are excited about our investment in Jupiter pipeline along with Jupiter management and our investment partners,” noted […]