The project and others around the globe may help feed surging Asian demand for LNG at a time when China has curbed its purchases from the U.S. as part of their trade conflict. Originally slated to cost $34 billion with a 2016 start date, the Ichthys project comprises an offshore gas field, a 553-mile pipeline and liquefaction facilities in Darwin, Australia. There the gas is superchilled and turned into a liquid that can be carried on a ship to Japan or other markets. The project is expected to increase production to 8.9 million tons a year over the next two to three years. That is the equivalent to about 10% of Japan’s current LNG imports. It’s heartening news for China, which sees sudden rises in demand for LNG during the winter months. While about 70% of Ichthys LNG is now contracted by Japanese customers, supply from the project could […]