Major UK companies, including banks and retailers, are pledging to invest hundreds of millions of British pounds to cut their carbon footprint and to support new energies, the UK government said on Tuesday. A total of 30 UK businesses, including financial services and high street retailers, are pledging investments in various emission-cutting initiatives from installing solar panels on office building rooftops to replacing diesel trucks with bio-methane trucks. Some of the pledges announced today include HSBC UK Pensions Scheme investing US$329 million (250 million pounds) into the UK’s solar parks and wind farms. Retailer John Lewis Partnership will replace its 500-strong diesel delivery truck fleet with bio-methane clean machines by 2028, cutting emissions by the equivalent of the carbon footprint of 6,000 UK households. Amazon has signed a deal to power its UK buildings with 100-percent renewable energy. EDF Energy, the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity and the […]