By now everyone, except die-hard climate deniers, know that the Earth’s surface is warming rapidly and this is going to have a catastrophic effect on the Himalayan mountains. But it is going to be much worse than we thought . While the global media’s attention is on the Greenland ice sheet, the Arctic and eastern Antarctica, a new report out this week shows that the Himalaya will face disastrous consequences even if the world’s countries take immediate action to reduce carbon emissions. The voluminous 627-page report titled Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment: Climate Change, Sustainability and People issued on Monday by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development ( ICIMOD ) states that even in the best-case scenario, the Himalayan mountains will loose on-third of their ice by the end of the century. Read also: The great Himalayan thaw , Ajaya Dixit But the best-case scenario of limiting global average […]