The ongoing political crisis in Venezuela has divided the international community – some back President Nicolás Maduro and others support the man challenging him. Juan Guaidó, who is head of the National Assembly, declared himself interim president on 23 January and vowed to oversee fresh elections. Here is a guide to which countries are backing each of them and a look at the possible reasons why. Who supports Guaidó? The United States Relations between the US and Venezuela were already fraught before President Trump backed Mr Guaidó as leader. Why does the military back Maduro? What’s behind the political crisis? Profile: Juan Guaidó Tensions began to grow in 1998 when socialist leader Hugo Chávez was elected. Chávez overhauled the country’s economic system and was increasingly opposed to US foreign policy. Relations have continued to worsen under Mr Maduro who came to power in 2013 after Chávez died. The US […]