Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador does not rule out a possible listing of the ailing state oil firm Pemex on the local market. Pemex could also issue a new bond, Reuters quoted López Obrador as saying on Wednesday. However, such moves to raise funds for the indebted oil company are not necessary, the president noted. Last month, Mexican officials said that the country would support Pemex by injecting US$3.6 billion into the debt-laden firm, including by refinancing debt and cutting taxes. The Mexican government, however, will not take on new debt for Pemex, Reuters quoted officials as saying in mid-February. The Mexican state oil firm has a total of US$106 billion in financial debt. Mexico’s left-wing President López Obrador—in office since December 1— wants a greater role for Pemex in reversing the downward trend in Mexican oil production. Pemex’s crude oil production continues to decline—according to Pemex figures […]