The lack of natural gas pipelines from the booming Permian Basin will hinder oil producers in the region at least deep into 2020, according to a new report from Moody’s Investor Service. Record-high crude oil production from the Permian also brings with it large surpluses of associated natural gas output that has spiked so high the oil companies are paying to have the gas shipped away at a loss. Companies also are burning, or flaring, more Permian gas into the atmosphere than ever, contributing to methane pollution and climate change. There’s a rush to bring more oil pipelines online to carry the crude to refining and port hubs near Houston and Corpus Christi, but there are fewer natural gas pipeline projects underway. Houston-based Kinder Morgan is leading the two biggest gas pipeline projects, but the lack of gas pipeline capacity will continue at least through most of 2020, Moody’s […]