A document entitled CO2 “Greenhouse” Effect, A Technical Review, Prepared by the Coordination and Planning Division, Exxon Research and Engineering Company, April 1, 1982 , which is accompanied by a covering letter authored by Marvin B. Glaser, Manager of Environmental Affairs Programs, and dated November 12, 1982, begins stating: “The material has been given wide circulation to Exxon management and is intended to familiarize Exxon personnel with the subject. It may be used as a basis for discussing the issue with outsiders as may be appropriate. However, it should be restricted to Exxon personnel and not distributed externally.” The technical review which follows includes a summary which begins by noting that the previous 25 years before 1982 have seen an 8% rise in atmospheric CO2 to 340 parts per million, “a trend which began in the middle of the last century with the start of the Industrial Revolution.” It […]