It sounds counterintuitive and counterlogical, but there is a possibility that if the current government of Iran is toppled, crude oil prices could drop to $40 a barrel. That’s according to the chairman of JBC Energy, Johannes Benigni, who told CNBC a regime change could return Iran to the negotiating table, implying that the U.S. administration could be happy enough with that to lift the sanctions—an act that would no doubt flood the market with Iranian oil. But how likely is any of that? Protests erupted in Iran last week after the government admitted the army had struck a Ukrainian plane by mistake. CNBC quoted some of the protesters as chanting, “They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here,” suggesting an anti-government movement is gathering momentum and it could eventually lead to a change in government. Should this happen, according to JBC’s Benigni, the […]