While Americans continue to enjoy the convenience provided by the just-in-time inventory supply-chain Leech and Spend Suburban Economy, the rate we are consuming the high-quality conventional oil reserves should scare the hell out of people. But, it doesn’t. Why? Because, virtually no one sees it or has a clue. Unfortunately, 99.5+% of Americans believe in “Energy Magic” or the Energy Tooth Fairy. Day in and day, the American population has approximately 60 billion energy slaves working for them. That figure is based upon the data provided by Jean-Marc Jancovici during his presentation to the OECD back in September 2019. Jean-Marc says each human, on average, has about 200 energy slaves working for them. I just multiplied 300 million Americans by 200 energy slaves to equal 60 billion energy slaves. Easy-Peasy. Due to the complex layers of technology and our vast supply chain system, Americans totally dismiss energy altogether except […]